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Bio Filters

Easy to operate, low maintenance, power saving and a compact system.

Fish ponds have high organic load, hence only Bio Filters work efficiently and are highly recommended. We design, manufacture and install our very own bio - filters.


These are designed for minimal water requirement and have simplified and combined multiple functions like online protein skimming, aeration, settling, bio-filtration and disinfection.


Our bio filters functions on a single motor, thereby doing away with blowers, aeration plumbing, protein skimmers and drum filters, reducing costs on equipment, power, maintenance, and operations.

We provide customized bio - filtration systems in different sizes and layouts as per your requirement.

Bio Filters

We provide a variety of Japanese Koi fish with strikingly beautiful patterns and colors.


These are kept in a bio secure facility and checked from particular pathogens and diseases.

You can choose from all kinds of sizes varying from 4 inches to 2 feet long with your preferred colours and patterns. Please check out the Koi Catalogue page to select your koi. 

Japanese Koi

Aquatic Plants add beauty to the pond and provides a balance to the ecosystem.


Aquatic plants whose roots are submerged under water act as oxygenators, keep the water clean, and provide food as well as a place for the fish to spawn. Some of therse are Dracaena, Umbrella Palm, Cana Lilly, etc.


Floating plants are used when surface cover is required. These also keep the water cool and clear. Some examples are water lettuce.


We offer a wide variety of aquatic plants for you to choose from, which are grown in our very own bio-secure environment free from parasites and diseases. We also provide the support for planting these in your ponds.

Aquatic Plants

Pool Maintainance

Bio filtered koi ponds require floor siphoning and surface cleaning. We provide a professionally trained team for maintaining your koi pool. We also provide trouble shooting for minor fish health issues to keep your koi healthy and vibrant.

Mainainance Services

Japanese Garden Design

Japanese Gardens have certain elements and techniques that make even the smallest of spaces look beautiful. Elements like bamboo, rocks, lanterns, stepping stones and ponds are used to awaken your senses and create a stress free environment.


We design and provide ideas to create a Japanese garden in your homes.

Japanese Garden Design
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