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Aquatic Plants Catalogue

1 Spider Lily1.jpg

Spider Lily

4 Black Alocacia1.jpg

Black Alocacia

2 Brahmi.jpg


11 Gaint Alocacia1.jpg

Giant Alocacia

3 Variegated Canna2.jpg

Variegated Canna

12 Green Alocacia2.jpg

Green Alocacia

5 Red Stem Heleconia2.png

Red Stem Heleconia

10 Umbrella Palm1.png

Umbrella Palm

7 Green Stem Haleconia (Var2).png

Green Stem Heleconia

8 Sweet Flag2.png

Sweet Flag

6 Green Stem Heleconia (var1)1.jpg

Green Stem Heleconia

9 Papyrus1.png


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