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Water Quality.

New Gen Filteration Technology


Koi fish

Brilliant Colours. Unique Patterns.

Symbol of Luck, Prosperity and Good Fortune

Variety of Colorful

Aquatic Plants.

Provides a Balance to Your Water Garden.

Highly Trained Team.

Supervised by Experienced Experts.

Install & Maintain

Your Koi Pool

Experience a Japanese Garden Which Transcends Peace & Tranquility

Something About US

About US

We, at The Koi Junction, bring along an in-depth experience of designing, installing, operating and maintaining Koi Fish Ponds.


With our 4 decades of experience in aquaculture technology like Bio Filtration and RAS that is Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, we have since last 14 years diversified into Koi fish pools and ponds.

We have designed and installed around 100+ koi ponds across major cities in India.

Come and visit us at our own Koi fish farm near Bangalore Airport to experience the Koi living.

Our Contribution to the Environment

Works on a Single Pump

Entire RAS runs on a single motor.

No blowers used for aeration.

Zero Water Exchange

Zero Water Exchange & Air Backwash due to Bio Filters

Minimal Space Used

Smallest foot print, hence uses very less space for equipment

No Extra Consumables Cost

No consumables, No extra equipment maintenance costs

Our Contribuion

Meet The Team

Anil Profile

Anil Ghanekar

MSc Marine Zoology, PG Fisheries Science

36 years in Aquaculture Design & Technology.

Expertise in RAS, Biofloc & Fish / Shrimp Breeding.

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Onil Gandhi Profile Photo 2.jpeg


Onil Gandhi (Retd) Indian Navy

BSc General Sceince

Pursued his passion to a successful venture.

He also takes care of Marketing and Operations.

Priya Gandhi Profile Photo.jpeg

Priya Gandhi

MA Economics


Pondscapist and an animal and plant lover. She is our very own encyclopedia for koi carps and various aquatic plants 

Sanika Profile pic_edited.jpg

Sanika Ghanekar


MBA (Finance), Diploma Japanese Garden Design


Worked with Investment Consulting Firms and Financial Institutes.

Now work alongside nature.


Get in Touch

Nandi Hills Road, Devanahalli, Bangalore, India

(near Bangalore International Airport)

+91 97317 56651

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